2017 New Zealand Badminton Open Ended

As one of the BWF Grand Prix, the 2017 New Zealand Badminton Open ended on August 6 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The followings are the final day reports:

The first race is mixed doubles, Indonesia’s Ronald and Annisa Saufika against Australia's Sawan Serasinghe and Setyana Mapasa. Sawan is a power-based player. He won the score many times thanks to intensive spikes. However, Indonesia's two players were good at cooperating and tacit understanding, which led Indonesia the title of the championship eventually.

The second race is the women's doubles, Malaysia's Vivian Hoo and Woon Khe Wei against Japan's Ayako Sakuramoto and Yukiko Takahata. The game can be said to be the longest game in all the finals of the day due to the same strength and ability of two teams. In the final, Malaysia won over Japan with the scores of 18:21 21:16 and 21:19 .

The third race is men's singles, Hong Kong team of China's Lee Cheuk Yiu against the Chinese Taipei team's Tzu Wei Wang. Lee Cheuk Yiu's world ranking is 88th, while 12th for Wang, whcih also lit all the audience's expectations. In the first round, Wang scored 7:1 with the overwhelming advantage, and won this round at 21:11. In the second game, Wang still maintained a leading edge at the beginning. However, Lee was not discouraged. Given a difference of 5 points he not only scored tied, and even overtook Wang a few points, and eventually won the second round at 21:15. In the third round, Wang gained once more leading while Lee insisted on counterattack, and ultimately Lee won over wang with applause and cheers at 22:20.

The fourth race is the women's singles, Thai' Ratchanok Intanon against Japan's Saena Kawakami. Intanon won the the first inning at 21:14, but she failed to stay ahead in the second round. In the third inning, top seed Ratchanok Intanon survived a stiff challenge to claim the women’s singles title with 6 points advantage.

The last final is the men's doubles, the Chinese Taipei team's Chen Hung Ling and Wang Chi-Li against Malaysia’s Ong Yew Sin and Teo Ee Yi. Chinese Taipei team proved too good on the day, winning in straight games with the scores of 21:16 and 21:18.

At this point, the 2017 New Zealand Badminton Open has been carrying the cheers, tears and regret, and had a perfect closing in Auckland. SP markets is happy to participate in this international competition as a major sponsor, but also to promote the development of New Zealand badminton.

Badminton is not just a sport, but reflects the precise, rapid and the spirit of never giving up. As a foreign exchange industry leader, SP markets will uphold the spirit to move further.

See you in the 2018 New Zealand Badminton Open, and look forward to the outstanding players to rewrite the history.
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